Loads of stuff

Well lots has happened since I last wrote. The all Blacks out of the Rugby World Cup followed by the Poms. Connor started school and loves it and Aidan starting kindy and enjoying it (he is shy though). So at home there are lots of changes to our days …… Connor is doing usual school day hours whilst Aidan is at kindy on 3 afternoons a week. Liam is enjoying his time alone at home too. It is a small chance not to be beaten up by his big brothers and to do what he wants and not what the others are doing. Liam is talking quite a lot in single words but mainly without the first syllable. It confusing and funny at the same time. Oots are boots, ooes are shoes but when they were getting some immunisations he was continuously saying doctor, very clearly.
We had a trip out to Muriwai with its black sand beaches and vicious tides. Great for surfing and very good fishing (so I’m told). We walked up to the Gannet colony and around a short track through some bush. The kids enjoyed playing on the climbing frame / swings / slides etc.
We went up to Mahurangi the following weekend which was good. There is a beautiful place called Sullivan’s bay which is next to Mita bay. Clear calm water, small (and large) islands and a great beach. We had an emotional time scattering the ashes of Lisa’s Mum and Dad. The boys were very good and Connor understood lots more than we had first thought as he asked lots of questions later. Connor went for a splash around in the sea as it was just warm enough, Aidan needed some encouragement and Liam jumped waves with me.
Connor at Sullivans Bay
We drove out towards the Waitakere ranges on Saturday in pursuit of a good walk (thanks Scotty for the loan of the book). We walked a track called the Auckland City Walk which, has nothing to do with a walk in the city! The track got it’s name because the city council saved the area from logging way back. The track crosses a small river twice and meanders along it’s banks through rian forrest. It was an hour of gentle ambling with the kids either hand in hand with me or Lisa. Liam took to the buggy for most of it but only really as he didn’t want to hold hands and there was a potential for impromptu swimming!?!
Lisa had a great day yesterday. She had a long lunch in which she sat her driver licence test. Just the theory like I did. She passed both the car and bike test with no problems so she is all nice and legal. That’s one more thing to tick off the list of hings to do.

One thought on “Loads of stuff

  1. Enjoying your news – must get around to updating mine at some point!
    Hope all is well!
    p.s. isn’t it weird all the people that you begin to reconnect with on facebook – I’ve just become friends with Tony Glover, we might have to launch a boys brigade reunited group before too long, I’m sure I’ve got some dodgy photos somewhere…

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