Well it’s been ages.

It has been far too long really since I took the time and effort to write something new on the blog, so here goes.

I have been on leave, not because I really wanted to, it’s the system here. You have to have 3 blocks off (a block is usually 2 day shift then 2 night shifts) together and at a time when they allocate them. I think it stinks but I seem to be in a minority of 1. I was asked by a colleague to change leave blocks (that’s allowed) and I agreed (thanks Geoff). It gave me time off when the schools are on holiday (summer hols here).

We have all been doing lots of ‘stuff’. We have been swimming in the sea and Steve’s pool (thanks mate). Connor is slightly too confident, Aidan has gained lots of confidence this summer and gets knocked over by waves, gets up and laughs (all well within his depth). Liam has had a few duckings too; he is not so happy but gets back into the thick of it soon enough. Yesterday and today we have had some bush walks that were far closer to home than we had realised.

We have started the serious look for a house. There are several reasons for this. There is the stability for all the family, the thought that paying rent is just paying someone elses mortgage for them (and it’s just gone up) and the ability to do something to the house (like hang a calender on the wall where we want it).

Houses here are far more expensive than when I first came over. The increase has been amazing. Now we are facing several problems. The money from the sale of our UK house is STILL en-route here, the exchange rate is not in our favour and we are looking just a little further north than where we are at the moment (20 mins up the road ish). We live on the North Shore of Auckland which is probably one of the most expensive areas. Just up at Whangaparaoa it meets our budget a little better. The lifestyle there is even more relaxed (we have been told). Houses are a little different too. Unlike the UK where it’s odd not to have a brick and tile house, here there are maybe 20% of those, the rest are various building materials (no mud huts yet). At the weekend we saw this house, liked it and also decided that it wasn’t for us.
House 1
Today I’m off to see this one (together with a couple of others), it will be amazing or terrible and without actually walking through the door it’s a tough call.
Amazing views

Right in the bush and about 8 mins from town

I must go …. got an appointment with a real estate agent in the bush …… if I’m not back in a while ….. HELP!

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