Weather and stuff

Well a few days have passed and the weather has changed from stormy and cold to very warm still and dry (I hope it stays). The temperature has gone up to about 18C during the day …. Hmmmm lovely. I think that it will be a cold night as the sky is so clear.Yesterday after Connors kindy we went for a walk along the sea wall from Mairangi Bay
Mairangi Bay
to Murrays Bay.
Murrays Bay
There was a little storm damage at the Murrays Bay end. I decided to take the pram with us in case Liam needed it. He didn’t and I ended up dragging it all the way whilst holding Liams hand and the others too when things got a little difficult. The walk is easy for adults and for Connor and Aidan it too was easy but Liam did very well. As always the views were lovely.

Just a couple of typical / classic Kiwi tee shirts:
Tee 1
Tee 2

One thought on “Weather and stuff

  1. great t-shirts
    I remember a great ad on the tube which was for steinlager (i think)?!
    “Like the Australians, we too have our convictions…”

    Am working on the itunes issue and hope to have something for you soon…

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