Well yesterday was busy, we all went to the CBD (Central Business District) or what makes more sense … the City. We set off from home not so bright (Liam had been awake quite a few times) and not so early for the town of Devonport. Devonport has 2 great things (many nice things too); it’s the home of the NZRN (Navy) and the ferry (pronounced fairy) to the city. We dashed to the boat without a ticket jumped aboard and we were relieved to find out that the chilled out kiwis allow you to buy a ticket once you have got off. We headed off past what I can only imagine is most of the NZRN fleet (see picture) and into the city.
Our main aim was to go up the We alighted (do you like that …. using posh words) the ferry and got on the free bus that tours the city every 10 mins. It takes a detour past the University but that’s no hardship, then stops outside the Skytower.
We were just in time to see some Muppet jump from the top. Don’t worry it’s an organised thing, not a suicide attempt.
Then up we went in the glass floored lift, quite freeky for some. The views are amazing on a clear day like ours. The boys and I watched a clown show as Agnes explored (it’s half term so there are lots of kiddie events going on). Then up to the Skydeck (next stop and $3 lighter ……. less crowded and higher by about 9 floors). Soon we quickly descended (but not as fast as the freek who jumped) and off for lunch.
The choice of food in Auckland is amazing. We often have some Asian food (like today) but there is a huge choice. The kids love it. Last time it was Korean (no not dog ….. or cat) and this time Cantonese. 5 of us eating our fill for $18 (just under £7 or just over US$14) and that is on Queen Street (the main drag through the city). It’s about as busy as Canterbury High Street on a weekday during school term (so not very busy …. until evening, then Sky City is busy, the boy racers come out but the rest is quiet).
After getting told off for eating popcorn (thanks Skytower for the freebie) in a souvenir shop we hopped back on the ferry and back home. In a week or so of really crap weather, this was the start of hopefully some great days. Shame Connor starts Kindy full-time on Monday.

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