Time is running out

Time is slipping away at an incredible speed. The leaving ‘do’ was on Friday …. thanks to all ….. when I have worked out how, I’ll post some pics on here for just us mad medics to access ….. thanks to Richard H for stealing my camera.

Things are all on track to leave on Tuesday. Scary but good scary ….. oh that post from NZ was returned to them. I don’t know why, anyway I have recieved some of the info via email, driving course material …. not very exciting. It tells me that I’ll have to slow down! 30kph (18mph) over the stated speed limit is their excemption. You MUST stop at red traffic lights etc and no excemption when there is a temporary speed limit. Now that means that road works which are 30kph (18mph) will be just that even in an emergency!
speeding kills

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