Last day at work

Well the last day at work is here and I’m sat here before my shift (just, as Simmo has gone out on a shout leaving me without my car) wondering what I’m doing?!?!

It’s a strange feeling, a mix of scared and anxious mixed with some sadness and also joy and anticipation at the coming week. It’s just 3 days before I’m off to Narita airport in Tokyo, then onto Auckland airport, then one of these:

Maybe I’ll update this during the shift … maybe I’ll leave it as an unfinished work (like those great composers) or just waffle on about stuff …….

5 thoughts on “Last day at work

  1. just had a thought that you’re leaving today which is still tomorrow in my life! Have a safe journey and hope it’s hassle-free when you land. Sorry I didn’t make it back last night but wishing you all the best and am very excited for you all! Asta la vista!

  2. Thanks Vanessa ….. All safely in NZ now! Just had a very British cup of tea ….. beer later quickly followed by sleep. Keep checking the Blog …. I hope to update it regularly. C

  3. Dude,
    Can’t believe I missed you leaving bash!
    Frigging Oakwood house, you lose all sense of reality, logic, time and space while you’re in the place!
    Just read the blogs to keep myself up to date.
    Good to hear that you’re having a good time and getting down to re-learning your trade. An unenviable task might I say.
    Saw Lisa the other day at QEQM which was a shock, ‘cos I was under the impression that you were going out there together. Thought for a moment that something had gone horribly wrong.

    Seems it hasn’t.

    Anyway. Keep writing the blog (plus photos when you can be arsed) and I’ll drop you a line in due course.

    Much Love


  4. Good to hear from you matey …. email problems at the mo ….. SMTP problems from abroad. Lisa will be over in Feb with the kids. Photos will follow when I am a little more settled. Say Hi to everyone. Colin

  5. Hey Colin,
    Well you’ve done it. Does the blood rush to your head being upside down an all at the bottom of the planet? I’m impressed with this site your kleverer than I fort.
    This is just to say Hi and to wish you a very merry christmas. stay well, look after yourself and take care.
    Speak soon.

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