Well after a year on a UK licence you become illegal and not a very nice person for breaking the rules so ….. I decided that 10 and a bit months in I should pass the NZ driving test. I bought the book, left the tee shirt on the shelf and borrowed another book (thanks mate). The first was the Road Code …. self explanitory; the second the Road Code for motorcycles. It’s as interesting as reading the Highway Code. Some things are ….. er ….. basic. Should I kick the dog that runs out in front of my motorbike? Maybe not as the owner is likely to be an Islander and 4 times my size. Do I honk the horn behind a horse? If I do I’m likely to get free manure, just not on my roses (note to self to plant roses). At the sign that says STOP do I really need more instruction?
The test has two parts a practical (if you have a pommie licence you don’t have to do this unless your licence is less than 2 years old) and a written part; that was my quest. Not to be trusted with a sharp implement like a pen, they have made it a scratch test (a bit like a gigantic instant lotto ticket that costs $87.50) with old cut up licences as the scratchers. I asked to do both the car and bike test. The nice lady told me that this was highly risky as if I failed one of them, I would get neither but, if I did one and then sat the other it was safer because if (if, HA) I passed one at least I would have one. There was a cost implication …. $87.50 twice or $123 if both taken together. $123 has a certain ring to it so I took a deep breath and elected to sit both. “I can’t give you both papers at once.” (?) “Sit there and I’ll take your photo”, “sign in the box”, look into the eyesight tester nd read” …… etc …..etc …..etc. In a separate booth to the spotty 15 year old (yep a restricted licence at 15!!!!!!) I started to scratch the answers to the questions. Then the ‘specialist’ questions (car or bike). I turn the page for the rest and the back hadn’t been printed ………… because that was it!!!!!! I handed it in like a school kid expecting a detention and took the bike test. Similar paper but with different specialist questions. Again I handed it in to be told that I was far too quick. There was 30 minutes allowed for each paper. I had taken 20 minutes for both papers. Without the need to sit and wait, I left to return by 1230. A bottle of water and a lunch pack of sushi later i returned to sign another bit of paper which is my temporary licence and await a green credit card sized licence. Job done. Your turn next Lisa.
Ugly with a licence

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