We have all had an er …. interesting time?! Last Saturday night whilst we were all sleeping, a mysterious thing happened; we had a flood. Not of inspiration or from the nearby stream but from the inlet hose to the dishwasher. It must have started some time after I got home from a 10 – 10 shift (with a late finish from Western station). The dishwasher was on and going well, nothing unusual and I went to bed. In the morning we were woken by about 3 -4cm of water over the top of the carpet. For once there was more water in the house than outside! The kids splashed around and played as we franticly turned water off and started sweeping water into dustpans and into buckets. After my failed attempt to suck it up with a the carpet cleaner (there was too much water) many hours of many people helping and getting nowhere; we gave up.
I had left many messages with the rental agent and heard nothing back. We even went to the office but as it was now Sunday, there was no-one in the office.
A pleading phone call later and we had accommodation for a couple of nights with our NZ family Peter & Margaret (HUGE thanks). The rental guy was contacted first thing on Monday, he was …. er …. impressed. Within 90 mins there was the dishwasher man (don’t trust his judgement ….. he’s been out about 5 times to fix a dishwasher that is at least 6 years old …. probably older. It would have been cheaper to buy a new one but then he wouldn’t have his call-out fees but it’s all down to the rental agent), and the carpet guy.
Carpet was amazingly going to be cleaned and dried so surface water was sucked up, it was cut into room-sized pieces (previously all one piece!) and put in his van. The underlay is foam, for foam read sponge. This too was dried. It was funny seeing water pouring out of his van after the cabs foot-well had filled up. It’s all currently dry and in the garage waiting to be refitted (tomorrow).
We had to move out. There were 6 industrial fans. They were like upside down old fashioned hair dryers on steroids and several de-humidifiers.
After 5 days and no doubt a huge power bill the fans went off, dehumidifiers off and silence was golden. That is until you walked on the bare chip-board floor. Still at least it was dry (almost) and most of the smell had gone … oh and they didn’t have to replace the walls!!!!
We stayed in a Motel in Albany whilst things were happening.
It would have been great for a couple but with the kids it was awkward. There was a bedroom with a bathroom off it and a kitchenette / diner / lounge, with a pull out double bed and a single bed. The older two slept well in the pull out, Liam slept in our bedroom leaving the bathroom as the only place that you could light. We worked it all out and life was better when they were all asleep and Liam magically moved to be in his brothers room. It wasn’t a child friendly place; the boys could just open the front door, play with the oven (it goes “ping” when it’s finished) and climb on the glass topped tables. As soon as we could we returned home. Bliss is the safety of rooms with gripper rod around, staples sticking out of the floor and no carpet.
“Manicmedic перехода к Новой Зеландии . Я желаю вам великий день и я надеюсь, что вам понравится мой блог.” Just trying to get some hits from Russia as there’s a gap in the map.

2 thoughts on “Wet

  1. My flat has a lovely carpet!
    although we dont have a leaking dishwasher we “did” have a broken fridge freezer!
    however our lovely landlady rectified this problem the next day!

    hope all is well missing you all


  2. Wilba …… Hi,

    We have a great landlord who listened to the whimperings of guy who was wet and cold. Just imagine your cousins splashing in the water ….. inside. Liam wasn’t too sure but soon got the hang of it. Carpet being re-fitted today (Monday) ….. I think it’s going to smell ……. oh great!
    Today it’s wetter outside than in …. proper Kiwi rain. Spring around the corner (wetter still they tell me). That’s why it’s so green here.
    We all miss you guys too.

    x x x x x

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