NZ House, Lodging applications

Well, the medicals came (after the postie had been, making me think that there were more delays) in their sealed envelope …. “You mustn’t open this!” the Dr said. What would happen if I had of done? My Police check came the same day (Thursday 28th September), our wedding photographer called to say that the ‘proofs’ were ready and most importantly Lisa was booted out of hospital.


Yesterday (Friday) I took a trip to London to visit the nice people at NZ House. I had to wait for ages! This was no problem really as when it was my turn, I was given as much or more time than the others. The girl I saw was polite, friendly and helpful. She needed to go through the application for my WTR visa, Lisa’s family visa (this is a work visa linked to mine) and the visitors visas for the kids. We will have to get a student visa for Connor soon as he will be nearing school age when we are there. No doubt that this will be additional expense but then we are not surprised by this expensive ‘hobby’ we’ve got.

I explained about the VERY short time that I have before I am due to start in NZ. “No problem,” she replied “our processing times for applications with a job offer and are the WTR visa, take just 2 -5 days.” Can I imagine the UK doing things this quickly ….. I don’t think so.


Now all we need to do is wait for the little piece of paper to be stuck into our passports, assuming that all is well.

I’ll go out first and Lisa and the kids will follow. It will be very hard to leave them behind. I will be very busy at the start as with any new employment, Lisa will be VERY busy just trying to hold everything together by herself (we struggle at times with the two of us) and selling / renting the house out. They will all come out to NZ in January. I’ll try to get some accommodation set up, when and where I don’t know.


Being the new boy I will be working Christmas, that’s a certainty.

4 thoughts on “NZ House, Lodging applications

  1. I left my heart in NZ. You will have a fabulous time in NZ, I’m sure of it. It is a much richer lifestyle indeed. I wish you all the best 🙂

  2. dont worry! to make you feel a bit better about the move i lived in ireland for the first ten years of my life and then maryland in the united states for the next eight where my mum fought to get me a green card and now that i actually have a green card i am moving to wellington, new zealand with my friends family to stay and go to uni there… i have visited once or twice to new zealand. they are sooo friendly there and i know it’s a far-away move but things are to happen for a reason. Cheers!

  3. im still in the process of getting my student visa. the immigration process is so aggravating but the government is no where near corrupt like others that i have had to become a citisen to.

  4. Thanks choking and pickle. I’ll keep on with the blog when I’m out there and let people know the joys and pitfalls, the accommodation and car problems and hopefully all the good points too.

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