Agloco. The potential to earn money

Well it seems to be ok and it’s new …. as in pre-release. If it’s as big as they seem to think it will be (as big as Google) then get in there now. It’s a way to make some not so hard earned cash. I was a sceptic (still am I suppose) but it all looks to be legit. I have another blog about it here.
It’s a sign up a for No money, No Spam and No virus potentials. Download a small toolbar and earn money. It says it will allow everyone to own a piece of the internet (revenue) not just the big players like Google or AOL.
Well who knows but here it is just look at this and click on the picture below. Is there anything to loose?

Off topic

Well al old (well a bit younger than me) friend has set a challenge (of sorts). I need to tell you (the insomniacs who are that bored that your reading this) 5 things about me that you might not know about me.

1, I have a qualification in hoticulture and agriculture.

2, I have been an undertaker and embalmer.

3, I was caught for speeding in the UK (stopped by the ‘Bill’) for riding my bike too fast …. a constant 126mph, topping out at 134mph, and a speed camera (46mph in a 40mph). I was pulled by the Highway Patrol in NZ on my 1st visit for 115kph in a 100kph limit and parked my hire car facing the wrong direction (in daylight, you can’t do that here?!?).

4, I rode my Dads motorbike (Honda CX 500, which I bought from him years later) when I was about 14 or 15 when they were on holiday, sorry Dad.

5, I have a tattoo on my left leg.

Tim struggled to think of 5 bloggers ……. I can think of none except those that have been ‘done’. Therefore if your reading this and have no Blog, then get a blog (see bottom of page for details …… it’s free too).