Welcome home Dad! Bye Agnes ….. Hi Natsumi.

After almost 4 months in hospital my Dad finally went home (yesterday) to his lovely house in Colyton, Devon (also known as the Wet country instead of the West country). He had had a Stoke but is doing amazingly well. I was so pleased to chat to him on the phone yesterday morning. Mum has been very busy (understatement I’m sure) and has been amazing in keeping as calm as she has. The work-load has been immense for everyone and I’m just sorry that I was unable to help from the other side of the world. Roll on the next possitive step in a gradually improving story. This is one of the things that needs to be considered when moving such a long way …. what if someone is sick?

Well it has been a very changable time for as all. On Monday (10th March) we said a very sad goodbye to Agnes, our Au Pair and friend. She had simply ‘run out’ of visa time. The kids have grown up knowing her and loving her. She was sad to leave not only us but New Zealand which had become her home (in her heart). She had a safe but very long flight back to the UK. Please keep in touch via Skype or whatever.

On Wednesday (12th March) I picked up Natsumi from the airport. She has come to us from Japan and has very good English (even if she says that it is not), and has bonded with the kids. Her big test will be next week when she has a ‘full on’ week. We had a good drive around (from Mairangi Bay – our closest beach to Devonport and then dropping Aidan at kindy) which was a good 45 minutes. Natsumi was dredding this but in reality all was good.

Mairangi Bay
Mairangi Bay

So we have an oportunity to sample some Japanese cuisine after some great Hungarian meals.

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