Well I’m safe after the venture into the bush ….. Wow what a house, what a location. Ok here’s how it was …… the house in the bush is a definite no for many reasons. The lounge was the size of a bedroom, the bedrooms were smaller than the lounge and they were on 3 different levels. The only grassed outside are was about the size of the lounge and belonged to a neighbour?!? We could have considered it to be great for fitness levels as the hill that it is on is steep, even by Auckland standards. If it was wet, Torvill and Dean would have nothing on us. If you were driving down, then the splash at the bottom would be impressive but expensive.

The other house I looked at was very good. There was a good pool, a garden of good size, 3 living areas, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and fruiting vines. There was no garage (clutter hiding place …. oh and car parking space), the kitchen was old as was one of the bathrooms. These in them selves are not big problems but add to the overall cost as they needed replacing. There is an HRV system (ventilation system, quite common here and a big benefit as it reduces humidity and cools or warms depending on settings) that the rental house would greatly benefit from as there is damp here.

Today I bought the necessary stuff to give the cars a much needed oil change. The blue car (as it has been named) had one (allegedly) when I bought it over a year ago so it’s desperate. The red car has a fuller than full service history and can wait until next payday. Here’s to getting dirty (maybe tonight), now where is the fuel filter found on a Toyota Estima?

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