All change

Well we have had an odd time of it lately, some good some (in my opinion) bad and maybe good. I had a swollen tonsil and then ended up losing my voice, now returning slowly and with the occasional Michael Jackson moment.
We have our friend Agnes (not an ancient scottish spinster but a Hungarian) over to stay for a while, hopefully for a while as she is great with the kids. I picked Agnes up from the airport a few days ago and she seems to really like it here. It has rained lots since she arrived but it hasn’t put her off saying how beautiful this land is.
Yesterday, bright and early (well early) I dropped Lisa off at the airport for her big trip back to the UK. I don’t like the idea but I can’t stop her and it will be good for her to see the little family that she has and her friends. She has 3 brothers, 2 are very supportive and the other goes AWOL from time to time (Andy give us a call, text, email or leave a comment on here if you see it please). Lisa has never been on a flight alone so she’ll need hugs on landing. She had the kids her last time coming over here which in her words ‘took my mind off things’. She was nervous, maybe even ‘brown’ nervous. To make things a little cheaper and give better availability she went from Auckland to Brisbane before going to Dubai and then on to London. It takes longer but this way she will actually get longer in England as they (Royal Brunei) had the days that Lisa wanted to fly.
Yesterday was a great morning and when I got home, to take my mind off things we all went west to the Waitakere ranges.
Waitakere Ranges
It was a comedy of errors. I packed us all up with a picnic, drove to Cornwallis to sit and eat it there but, The picnic was in the kitchen at home still! The nearest place to Cornwallis for food is Huia and that is a tiny village shop (the only shop). It does serve fast food but as it had started to rain (New Zealand style …. heavy) it was heaving. Imagine a Vicar of Dibley village without the church and half of the houses and that would be bigger than Huia. But it is beautiful. Well we went off back to Titirangi and bought buns and chips and sausage rolls (Cornish pasty style?!?!) and gingerbread men. The weather cleared up and we headed off up the scenic drive. The sun was shining and everything was getting better when ….. it got worse again, much worse. The inside of the visitor centre at Arataki was looking very welcoming. Warm dry and after the usual 5 wee stops we were off again, back home for a picnic on the lounge floor.
This morning we all went shopping which is always a bundle of fun. Agnes is amazed and curious about some of the new and unusual fruit and veg. She had a late Feijoa when she arrived past it’s best but a good encounter.
Today I bought some Tamarillos which could be interesting.
These were new and very unusual to me, so passing on the experience is making me feel almost a Kiwi (no not the Kiwifruit or the Kiwi bird) but a New Zealander. Any surgestions for further fruit to try are welcome.
Hurry Home Lisa x.

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