Winter weather / Accent

Well the weather here is chilly. It is officially winter (June to August …. all ass about here), the temperature is good during the day and chilly in the evenings. Some of the chilliness (is that a word?) is due to the housing. With no double glazing or central heating it is a big, no BIG step backwards. There is condensation on the windows in the morning after going to bed to stay warm. So with the weather much warmer than the UK winter it feels colder at times (evening and morning).

Bizarrely I can still expect the washing to dry on the line if it doesn’t rain. The rain is generally a shower but sometimes a heavy one. It lasts for minutes or hours not days. I’ve been told that spring is the wet season here and winter is quite dry …… our first year here is a huge learning curve with simple things like weather and ‘the system’ (how the country runs).

Lisa is settling more at work and getting more familiar with the people and procedures at work. It’s all good experience. One of the problems that she has found is the language barrier (accent)! Not only is she getting used to familiar works sounding different but her peers are usually talking from behind a face mask (she’s a dental nurse if you missed it).

There are words like minute that sound like munut, chips are chups, they go with foush. A big grizzly is a beer and yet you still you drink a beer. I have some shifts not out West but Wist, chickens lay an ig or two which you can wusk for an omlette, you write with a pin probably seated on a cheer. Try this for a Maori accent, great old sketch:

It’s not quite as agressive as this though …. note the last action! I just had to add these even though it doesn’t come under winter weather or accents!
But don’t let them play against the neighbours, they can do it too!

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