Well it’s definately getting colder. It sounds obvious but the seasons being the other way around from the top half of the world means as you guys are warming, we are cooling. It is roughly the equivalent of December here (?!?!?!) if that makes sense. The days are warm ish, tee shirt, sometimes a jumper and showery. If the nights are cloudy (like now) it’s about 10C but if they are clear it’s very chilly 2-3C!

I had a day shift a couple of days ago and it was a chilly start. We went up to Point Wells, see it HERE where we treated in house and then went north east (not directly) to Leigh. It is a long way (by UK standards to a P1 (999 call). En-route the views were amazing. Tree tops and mountains (low ones) poking out from a low mist, even a small island just in the sea surrounded by a different kind of moisture. At Point Wells the estury was so calm it was just like a mirror reflecting the tree lined hills, not a sound. leigh is at the end of the road and tranquil. The round trip is about 3 hours from Silverdale to Leigh, to takapuna (the hospital) and back to Silverdale. This is not Thanet at the end of a shift with a drunk!

Later the same day we were clear on a job in Orewa (just down the road from the station) and traveling back along the long beachfront when I spotted something in the water. At first I thought that it was a kitesurfer down in the water but there was no wind at all. We stopped and saw that it was a pod of dolphins in the bay. They were having a feed rouning the fish up and then diving up and down through the ball of fish. Amazing how they can jump clear of the water with no real effort. It was an amazing sight.

I have some photos (not of the dolphins) that I must upload so that you can see them but as yet I have not had time to re-size them for the net. Have to go … got a shout.

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