Lisa and work

Well Lisa has a job. It’s just along the road (ish), 20 min walk. We all walked Lisa to work the other morning almost making her late. It was a very warm morning like a summer morning in the UK but the day turned showery once the washing was on the line. She is a dental nurse and although it’s not what she is used to it is bringing in some more money.

The next problem is that of child care again. With Lisa at work (full-time) we need someone to look after the rug rats. It’s as much a mine field here as the UK if not more so. We have had contact with someone who I’ll meet on Monday. It is a problem trying to find someone to fit in with the odd days that I do (4 on 4 off, meaning that the days required to childcare alter every week). Lisa’s hours are changeable to say the least. She checks what she is working for the next day, it can’t be right but having been there a week she can’t exactly tell them what to do ….. yet.

I went looking at schools with the kids. Albany primary has a very good ERO report (OFSTED) achieving the highest ranking and we are in their ‘patch’. Connor needs a different visa (student) and he is in on his 5th birthday. Next door is a kind but they are restricted to 45 maximum so we’ll have to wait. It sounds like Aidan will have to live with Connor going 1st and then he can fit in later. He will be completely devastated. Those two are far closer than they were in the UK (if that is possible). Connor won’t be in kindy long as he is 5 in October. Aidan might be able to take his position there, who knows. We are entitled to the low fees that locals pay (which is good as we couldn’t afford to pay more …. we are truly skint). Well that’s what the immigration person told me. Schools are not free but a donation; kindy is $3.00 a session (about £1.10).

When I’ve been here a year it will be well worth getting PR visa (permanent residency). As it stands we are entitled to nothing. I went to the GP this week (don’t worry nothing serious) and it cost $70 (£25). This when your skint is a lot of money. It has its benefits that the surgery isn’t full of coughs and colds but proper stuff. When we get PR then it will be about $46 (£16). It all sounds a bit silly when you convert it to pounds but when you’re earning Kiwi Dollars it’s tough, far tougher than we thought.

Still it’s warm and quite dry, during the day it probably averages 16C, sometimes getting to 20C but chilly at night. It’s about the equivalent of November so all is good there. The simple pleasures of having no coughs or colds and not having to dry clothes inside / dryer. What’s happening to me …… I’m getting old or stupid or both ….. or is it just sensible. I need a bike again!

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