Agloco. The potential to earn money

Well it seems to be ok and it’s new …. as in pre-release. If it’s as big as they seem to think it will be (as big as Google) then get in there now. It’s a way to make some not so hard earned cash. I was a sceptic (still am I suppose) but it all looks to be legit. I have another blog about it here.
It’s a sign up a for No money, No Spam and No virus potentials. Download a small toolbar and earn money. It says it will allow everyone to own a piece of the internet (revenue) not just the big players like Google or AOL.
Well who knows but here it is just look at this and click on the picture below. Is there anything to loose?


2 thoughts on “Agloco. The potential to earn money

  1. Hi Tim,

    Good to hear from you matey,

    No hard cash but then it’s not released quite yet. I’m a sceptic but I also can see the concept. I’ll give it a go and if it’s cr*p then I’ll stop. Ifit works then it might buy a beer or two.


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