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Well al old (well a bit younger than me) friend has set a challenge (of sorts). I need to tell you (the insomniacs who are that bored that your reading this) 5 things about me that you might not know about me.

1, I have a qualification in hoticulture and agriculture.

2, I have been an undertaker and embalmer.

3, I was caught for speeding in the UK (stopped by the ‘Bill’) for riding my bike too fast …. a constant 126mph, topping out at 134mph, and a speed camera (46mph in a 40mph). I was pulled by the Highway Patrol in NZ on my 1st visit for 115kph in a 100kph limit and parked my hire car facing the wrong direction (in daylight, you can’t do that here?!?).

4, I rode my Dads motorbike (Honda CX 500, which I bought from him years later) when I was about 14 or 15 when they were on holiday, sorry Dad.

5, I have a tattoo on my left leg.

Tim struggled to think of 5 bloggers ……. I can think of none except those that have been ‘done’. Therefore if your reading this and have no Blog, then get a blog (see bottom of page for details …… it’s free too).

2 thoughts on “Off topic

  1. 300 is a great movie full of visual effects and graphics which made it different and much better.
    Acting was great, director did a wonderful job and chose great actors, full of action, and it is based on a true story.

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