Well I’m en-route

Technology is amazing and very poor at the same time. I’m writing this from my laptop at Narita airport in Tokyo (amazing) but I can’t get any money out or make phone calls. The mobile has no coverage, I think that they said Vodafone doesn’t work here … language barrier. I can’t use the public phones as they work on a phone-card or cash. I have no Yen. My cards (Maestro and Amex) are not accepted (vry poor)!?!? I can’t phone or buy food but, I do have ample fat supplies and there is drinking water at the very basic airport (suprising I thought it would be all singing and dacing …. well bowing anway).

The 1st leg of the flight was good. New  (very new) plane and a smooth ride. The entertainment system crashed so I watched “The Devil Wears Prada” and a bit of the Al Gore climate change doccumentory and that was it on an 11 hour flight! Food was great I went for the Japanese bento box whilst the smell next to me went or some western dish.

I have to wait untill early evening (Japan time) untill I fly. There is a change of airlines (Virgin Atlantic to here and the Air New Zealand) but I have been assured that I did not have to reclaim my bags (in fact you gett sheparded away from that area if you are in transit). I had to get a bus to a different terminal, the helpful people (with white gloves) would not allow me out of the building until the bus was due to go and then escorted me into the other building. Either they think I’m dodgy or they know I’m thick and could easily get lost.

Well just about 7 hungry hours to go then another long flight. Bye

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