Getting things sorted out to go

Well today whilst Lisa was at work, I took the kids to the town. Connor (4) asked the lady in the travel agents, “I want a ticket for Daddy to go an an aeroplane to New Zealand. Connor and Aidan and Liam and Mummy and Connor and Aidan and Mummy and Connor (he gets excited and repeats things) and we will go after Christmas. Scuze me lady can I have a ticket for Daddy?”. Now I’m thinking that although this is very ‘sweet’, that he really does want to get rid of me!

I had a simple criteria for my flight itinery ….. JUST NOT VIA AMERICA (previous experience of being cattle prodded into a holding pen …. ish)! Well the internet price for the ticket could be found at £588.40 inc. taxes. So off to the travel agent it was to see about thier fares (also from previous experience that the internet is noalways the cheapest deal however long you gaze at the words in the ether. Armed with the America information she duly set to task (she’s off in January too …. strange but true). “That is a very god price for such a late booking …. prices for flights do rise and not fall as the date aproaches.” £670, £692, £578 and then £509. All I hope is that it’s not in the hold and I get a drink and some grub. Singapore Airlines (very highly recommended and used before) get booked up quite early so I was unable to use them this time (Note to self ….. book earlier for Lisa and the kidlets).

There is a down side but saving £70 is worth it …. maybe. I will fly Virgin Atlantic (not across the Atlantic?!?) but to Tokyo where I will wait about 9 hours (say it quickly and it’s ok) before flying Air New Zealand to Auckland. Air NZ was not ontop of my list …. it’s functional. I have no experience of a Virgin (flight) so that’s unknown. All I know is that we are getting things sorted out.

The house rental person (they must have a propper name) came round today. This is our safety net. Rent the house if it doesn’t sell and keep it on the market hoping that it does sell. Still the rental should cover the majority of our expences here. Anyone want to buy or rent our house? Click below to add our house to your basket:

Our House

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